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When it comes improving your overall well-being, the role of maintaining proper oral hygiene is pivotal and goes beyond just brushing their teeth and flashing a bright smile. At the forefront of this commitment to your dental health, BetterMouth's digital oral health coaching program aims to revolutionize your oral care habits. Our mission is to ensure that you never underestimate the significance of a consistent teeth-brushing routine, emphasizing the need for diligence and self-awareness in your dental hygiene practices. It's a fact: better oral health habits lead to a happier mouth!

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More Than Just Brushing Teeth

BetterMouth's digital oral health coaching is far from your ordinary dental hygiene or teeth brushing app. It's a dynamic tool that harnesses the power of technology and psychology to keep you firmly committed to your oral care regimen. We offer daily lessons that empower you with knowledge about your dental health, assist you in both brushing teeth and forming positive habits, as well as recommend oral care products tailored to your unique needs. Each lesson is accompanied by a personalized dental care plan, creating a comprehensive approach to maintaining oral hygiene.

The experience of our BetterMouth's digital oral health coaching extends beyond simple motivation; it's about making the most of every session. It's not just about brushing your own teeth either; it's about dedicating time and effort to the well-being of your oral health.
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Who Benefits from Oral Health Coaching

Dental professionals consistently endorse the inclusion of oral health coaches in their patients' oral healthcare routines. BetterMouth's digital oral health coaching sessions are meticulously designed to provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific oral health needs. By adhering to our expert recommendations, you can initiate and maintain substantial, positive changes in your dental care routine.

Why Choose BetterMouth's Oral Health Coaching

Embarking on the journey to develop healthy dental habits can be challenging, but BetterMouth simplifies the process and encourages lasting positive changes. We help you instill essential habits while providing daily motivation, tips, resources, and clever tricks to expedite your path to superior dental health. Don't underestimate the significance of oral health, as poor dental hygiene can lead to various serious issues. Our digital oral health coaching program, led by skilled dental hygienists, improves your understanding of oral health education and helps you develop healthier habits.

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Customized to you

Share a bit about yourself and your oral health goals, and we will design a personalized dental care regimen, complete with recommendations for dental products that cater to your specific needs.
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Daily coaching sessions

Each day, you'll receive text messages filled with tips and advice on maintaining your oral health, ensuring you never miss a chance to care for your mouth.
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Track your progress

Keep a record of essential milestones in your oral health journey that will help you stay on the path to optimal oral health.
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Get daily motivation

Our enthusiastic and encouraging digital oral health coaching, coupled with daily motivation, tips, and engaging tricks, will keep you on track every day.
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The right products

Selecting the appropriate oral care products is half the tooth decay battle. Our curated dental products will expedite your journey to a healthier mouth.
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Live better

Improving your teeth and oral health doesn't just benefit your smile; it enhances your overall well-being, boosts your confidence, and can lead to savings by reducing expensive dental visits.
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You're not alone

By choosing BetterMouth, you become part of a community of individuals who have experienced the transformational power of our oral health coaching in their hygiene routines. Our satisfied users can attest to the significant improvements they've achieved.
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“after day one I was hooked, I now have THE best oral hygiene routine”

Abby L.

Verified User

“ I have weak tooth enamel and I struggle with cavities. My last dental visit was the first time with NO new cavities!”

Jessica M.
Verified User

“my mouth was a mystery but now I know what to do and I'm obsessed with my proper oral hygiene routine”

David G.
Verified User
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Frequently asked questions

We want to be transparent and answer some common questions you might have about BetterMouth:

What is BetterMouth?

BetterMouth is like having your own personalized oral health coach, providing daily lessons and personalized recommendations to enhance your oral hygiene and overall health. Even your dental hygienist will be impressed!

Is BetterMouth a free service?

No, oral health coaching is included in the BetterMouth program. We believe in the importance of promoting awareness and developing good habits for a healthier mouth.

How do I get started with an oral health coach?

It's easy! Just take our quiz to determine your personalized oral care routine, and we'll start coaching you via text messages. Achieving a healthy mouth has never been easier!

Is my data secure?

We are committed to protecting your data and ensuring your privacy and security. Your information is never sold or used for marketing purposes.

Do I have to use a mobile phone in order to use BetterMouth?

While it's not mandatory, using BetterMouth with your mobile device and text messaging enhances the experience, providing daily inspiration and brushing notifications. Other communications will be delivered via email.

Who uses BetterMouth?

The BetterMouth community comprises individuals from all ages and all walks of life who are committed to taking control of their oral health and improving themselves. We welcome students, professionals, parents, and anyone looking to enhance their oral hygiene routine.
Select BetterMouth today and let our oral health coaching guide you toward a happier, healthier smile and overall well-being.
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